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The Story of a cataclysm

    Is the story on the Tempest Stela that of the Santorini eruption?  Did the catastrophe cause an entire people to  depart?  These are the questions which led me to the doors of the scientists who each explained their own analysis in terms of their own discipline.

Claude Vandersleyen- Deir el Ballas

    The story is founded upon existing archaeological documents.  This film merely clarifies some points. It does not concentrate upon what people believe, but upon historical fact.  Less than 100 years ago the Bible was regarded as The Truth;   people believed that the Bible was factual  and archaeology was “Biblical” archaeology.  My film attempts to  set the record straight.  I talk to experts, and conduct cross-checks in all the areas to ensure that there can be no doubt.

Deir el Ballas