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Project Note

The starting point of the film is an article written in 2014 by two academics at the University of Chicago whose research led to a new understanding of the Tempest Stela. They took as their base the translation done 50 years ago by Professor Claude Vandersleyen.  They developed  a holistic view of the consequences of the Santorini eruption by linking it to events in Egyptian history.

Tumb n°5, El Kab, Egypt

The film begins by endeavouring to show how much the Stela reflects what it must have been like on the ground,  thanks to the expert testimony of the climatologists, geologists, vulcanologists, dendrochronologists, Egyptologists and archaeologists who appear.  Most had never met face-to-face, but they knew each other by name. I  assembled the pieces of the jigsaw by going to see them one by one.

 I have tried to compare and contrast their assertions and their discoveries.  There are no fictitious  images in this film, apart from archive images of real volcanoes erupting,  and of storms.  Later in the film I compare what science tells us  with the analyses of Egyptologists, archaeologists, historians and theologians.  When all is said and done,  this was real detective work with clues, witnesses and evidence,  but taking place 3500 years after the actual incident.