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Emptying of the 3rd pylon of Karnak

The Stela was discovered in 1947 during excavation work in Karnak by the French archaeological mission.  The first two fragments were not even mentioned in the report on the dig, as no-one knew what they were. Three others turned up in 1950, and the upper one showed that it could be attributed to Ahmose. More pieces were found in 1951 which showed the links between the first five. And in 1958-59 when the foundations of the 3rd pylon had been reached, two more came to light.  One had formed part of the headpiece, and brought further information.

The Stela was about 1.10 m wide, by about 1.80 m high, but only 9 cm thick which explains why it became so fragmented. It is kept in a “forbidden museum” at Abul Goud  (Luxor) where it is stored alongside other items discovered  during the digs at Karnak. The shots of the Stela in this film are the first taken since the original photograph.

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